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December 16, 2011

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Have a wonderful Winter Vacation!


Frosty Update December 10, 2011

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Well, the 8th graders are hard at work trying to update Frosty the Snowman’s look.  It’s been really neat to see students incorporate the persuasive strategies we discussed and analyzed last week into these projects.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new Frosty’s:

Cake Boss Frosty;

iPod Frosty:

Chuck Testa Frosty

Charlie Brown Frosty

Candy the Snowman

Big Time Snow

Beyoncé Frosty(accompanied by Jay-Z)

Laugh My Snow Flake Off Frosty

Charlotte B. Frosty (Steam Punk)

Beauty Queen Frosty


Frosty the Snowman Image Consultant December 1, 2011

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This week 8th graders learned about the three persuasive strategies most people and companies use all around us.  Next week, your child will be “recruited” as an image consultant to help bring poor old Frosty the Snowman’s appearance and song into the 21st century. Students will be working in pairs to bid as image consultants to help update  Frosty.  Though students will have a partner, they will receive individual grades based on an individual written work, daily work ethic, their finished image proposal, and a short presentation on Friday. The project will be done entirely in class and will be presented the week before Winter Vacation.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what students come up with!
For more detailed information, please feel free to check out the Frosty Project information worksheet.