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The Sixties Unit January 23, 2012

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We wanted to inform you that we will be officially kicking off our 1960’s unit this week. This unit will extend throughout both Language Arts and Reading, as it provides a rich application of skills found in both subject areas. The final product will be in the form of speech or debate.

As a quick overview, we will spend next week learning and discussing many of the critical events that took place in this decade. Students will then learn about the speech itself, and have the opportunity to rank their choices for topics. On Friday, January 27th, topics will be assigned. At this time, we will also address the requirements and expectations. The following week will then be devoted to research.

Here is a DETAILED timeline  of this unit, so you can effectively follow along with our 1960’s study. As you will see, the grade value of this project is hefty, so it is imperative your child use their time wisely.

We are extremely excited about this unit, and are certain your children will enjoy it as well! Be sure to check in with them at the end of the week to see what their debate role/speech topic is!

Thank you,

Joy DeFors and Kristy Mixon


What You’ll Need to Turn in For Your Teacher Spy Essay! January 20, 2012

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10 – Extra Credit

9 – Data collection (yellow)

8 – Response work sheet (red)

7 – Introduction draft

6 – Body paragraphs drafts

5 – Conclusion draft

4 – First full draft with edit marks with structure check W.S.

3 – Second draft with ratiocination marks

2 – Peer edited third draft with peer edit work sheet

1 – Final draft


Edmodo in the Classroom January 4, 2012

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Today all 8th grade students began using  For the next four weeks, students will respond to literary questions I post on our private, virtual classroom discussion board. Additionally, students will respond to discussions started by their peers. This should create an open atmosphere of literary discourse. Students will have about 5 days to post responses to the discussion questions.  Here is a Guide for Parents which will provide more information about Edmodo and explain how to view our classroom activity!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Edmodo or the requirements for this activity!