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What is Success May 11, 2012

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This week, the 8th graders have been reading, analyzing, and emulating poetry. One such poem is “Success” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Students were tasked to completed their own “Success” poem, and the results were incredible!  Here are some highlights:

What is success?

To stand up for what you believe in when everyone else sits down. ( Kayla)

To hold a newborn baby in your arms. (Daniel)

To get back up when you are down. (Anthony)

To chase your dreams. (Katie)

To wear a smile that isn’t used to cover sadness and despair. (Mike)

To experience what nature has for you. (Shreyas)

To have taken risks and succeeded. (Cameron)

To hope when things are at their lowest. (Anthony)

To help people who were less fortunate than me. (Larissa)

To be open minded. (Sam)

To make the world a safer place. (Bryan)

To witness love. (Jason)

To keep up with life before it leaves you behind. (Brian)

To have done something that most cannot achieve. (Alexis)

To try to live out your dreams no matter what anyone else says. (Hannah)

To choose the less popular way and still be on top of the world. (Joey)

To witness something unbelievable in your heart. (Tyler)

To fight alongside my 2nd family in a home-away-from-home. (Mike)

To look back and be satisfied with your life. (Julie)

To understand that no one is perfect. (Leah)

To believe in the unthinkable. (Jax)

To have learned from your mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes again. (Hannah)

To realize you problems and use your energy to find solutions. (Kwame)

To put a smile on someone’s face. (Peter)

To be true to yourself and stay true to others. (Joe)

To score all your goals in sports and in life. (Danny)

To accept defeat and try again. (Gabby)

To never let fear stop you from anything.  (Rachel)

To laugh often and at almost anything. (Natalia)

To have earned the respect of my friends and my foes. (Mackenzie)

To know in your heart you have touched someone’s life. (Nicole)

To pilot your own lifestyle. (Kyle)

To feel beautiful in my own skin. (Stephanie)

To accept life’s challenges and face the things you cannot change. (Kristen)

To appreciate the gifts you a re given. (Leanna)

To fight through the hard times and triumph through the good ones. (Emily)

To turn hate into love. (Diana)

To find joy in the small things. (Morgan)

To fall down and get back up. (Trent)

To not worry about what others think of you. (Sarah)

To be quick to listen and slow to judge (Peter)

To never forget who has made an impact on my life. (Emma)

To stand out from the crowd. (Dana)

To love your enemies and not let them bring you down. (Patrick)

This is to have succeeded.


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