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Congratulations Class of 2012! June 4, 2012

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Dear 8th graders,

As you graduate from Lakeview and move from district 66, please remember all of the lessons you have learned during your years with us.  While it is indeed important to remember the English, reading, math, science and social studies concepts you’ve mastered, these are not the only lessons you should carry with you.  Here are a few lessons I hope you take with you through life:

Lesson 1: Be kind to others.  If you see someone who needs a friend, be that friend.   If you have a friend in need, help.  Refrain from bullying, from spreading rumors, and from picking on the weak or less fortunate.  You’ll be proud to look back at yourself and know you were a person who had a positive affect on others…not the opposite.

Lesson 2: Carpe Diem.  That’s Latin for “seize the day”.  What a wonderful way to live your life!  Life is short, it is precious, and it can change in an instant.  At all times, live your life to the fullest and take charge!

Lesson 3: Do not be afraid of the unknown.  Try new things, meet new people, and “put yourself out there”.  There is a world of opportunity for you to experience.  However, if you’re afraid, you’ll never open yourself up to those new experiences.

Good luck graduates!


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