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Schoology September 27, 2013

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Mrs. Mixon and I are excited to start using Schoology with the 7th graders!  Towards the end of next week, your child will be creating a Schoology account.   This account with enable us to facilitate online discussions relating to what is occurring in the classroom.

Students will learn the importance of Digital Citizenship before we begin our use of Schoology.  Our goal is that students learn respectful, responsible, and safe skills while using online discussion boards!  Then, seventh graders will learn how to write a “substantive response” to the discussion questions posted on Schoology.  This will enable students to collaborate and “keep the discussion going”, rather than cutting a discussion short due to a response like, “That’s cool! I agree!”


Please let me know if you have any questions about Schoology!

Click the link below to learn more about Schoology!



Highs & Lows Book Report September 13, 2013

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All ELA students have been assigned the first book report of the school year.  Today, students visited the IMC where Miss Hagensee reviewed IMC policies and procedures.  Additionally, Miss Hagenseee gave a “book talk” on some new fiction selections.  Students were then given time to select any age-appropriate fiction book.

Book Report Informational sheets can be located in the 7th Grade Filing Cabinet.  Here is a brief explanation:

1. After you finish your book report book, think of AT LEAST 5 significant events your main character experienced.

2. Think of a school appropriate picture or image that illustrates this event.

3.  Give each event a rating from 3 to negative 3.  A 3 would be an event that was AWESOME! A -3 would be a horrible event.  You may also use 2, 1, 0, -1, and -2. 

4. On a clean sheet of computer paper, create a timeline of these significant events that shows the “highs and lows” of the story. Add your images near the event they relate to.  Your images may be drawn by hand or something you find in a magazine/online.


This book report is due by October 11!


7th Grade ELA Unit 1: Change and Acceptance September 6, 2013

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Starting next week, all 7th grade students will begin the very first ELA unit of study, Change and Acceptance.  Throughout this unit students will read, analyze, and respond to various texts which connect to the themes of change and acceptance.  In adherence to the Common Core State Standards, we will be completing Close reading to help students gain a deep level of comprehension of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Students will be analyzing  the development of the theme of change and acceptance across various texts, comparing and contrasting character  experiences, as well as determining the impact of points of view in narration.  They will be responding to the texts they encounter.  Throughout the unit, students will be sharing their analyses and research findings with their classmates through various means.  The goal by the end of this unit is for students to have deep, meaningful, and personal answers to the following essential questions:

1. What traits are needed in order for a character to face and accept change?

2. What motivates a character to chance or remain the same?

3. What is necessary in order for a character to arrive at acceptance?

4. How do characters handle change (self/others)?