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Literature Circles January 13, 2014

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In all ELA/A.ELA classes periods 5/6 and 7/8, students are working collaboratively in groups to discuss novels. During these literature circle discussions, students are focusing on communicating with each other about a book they’ve read. ¬†Last week students were put into groups according to which novel they wanted to read. ¬†Each day students are given time in class to read their group-assigned section in preparation for the discussion. Students are also required to complete a bookmark to help guide them through a discussion. The overall goal with these circles is to get students comfortable with communicating with people; they are learning how to take turns speaking and how to respectfully agree/disagree with each other’s ideas. For this reason, Mrs. DeFors and I decided we would give students the opportunity to work with each other’s classes. For example, there are groups that include students from both my class and Mrs. DeFors’s class.

We are super excited about this experience and can’t wait to sit in on the discussions!!